What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is a form of manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, in particular the muscles.  It can help improve circulation, suppleness of muscles and help reduce stress.


Massage has a direct effect on our muscles with the pumping and friction techniques, helping with the removal of lactic acid and toxins which can build up in overworked muscles.  Manipulation of the muscles with massage techniques leads to their lengthening, relaxing and increasing flexibility.  Massage can also help improve circulation which enables a quicker delivery of nutrients and oxygen to our muscles whilst speeding up the removal of waste and carbon dioxide. This allows the muscles to function at an optimum level.



With many joint complaints and injuries, muscles may spasm around the area as a protective mechanism.  This can cause the area to become very stiff and even more painful.  Massage therapy at the Optimum Spine Centre is designed to reduce the tension in these tight muscles, helping to reduce pain and restore normal function.  This along with Chiropractic adjustments will optimise the healing process.